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Welcome to Circuit! This blog provides commentary on the Internet and its impact on international politics and the academic discipline of International Relations. In mid-2010, Circuit editors Madeline Carr and Sarah Logan noted a gap in online content examining the impact of the Internet on international politics. It seemed that commentary was commercially oriented, infected with the zeal of either side of the cyber-utopian debate, or focused on cyber security to the exclusion of other issues. Nor was there space for serious discussion of the impact of the Internet on international politics in the context of International Relations. This blog aims to fill those gaps with concise, informed and wide-ranging coverage. It covers issues, raises questions and links academia with policy and politics.

We envisage Circuit to be a clearinghouse for ideas, opinion and discussion. Crises come and go and media and academic attention spikes, falls and shifts, but the Internet and international politics are inevitably intertwined now as never before. There is always something to say and analysis to be done. Circuit seeks to not only address the issues highlighted elsewhere and add to ongoing debate but to also foreshadow possibilities and highlight areas where further research might yield fruitful results.

Circuit will update regularly, and the twitter feed, @circt, is updated several times a week. The blog will feature guest posts, interviews and book reviews. We have curated a list of relevant academic centres, blogs, journals and NGOs on the ‘Links’ page. Please contact us at sarah.logan@anu.edu.au or via the comments if you have suggestions for additions to this list, would like to work with us or have questions or feedback.

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